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Are you ready to redefine your off-road experience? Look no further than the 2024 Can-Am MAVERICK R XRS with SMART-SHOX 999T DCT. This groundbreaking machine combines power, precision, and technological innovation to deliver an adrenaline-fueled adventure like never before.

Unrivaled Power and Performance:
At the heart of the MAVERICK R XRS is a robust 999cc Rotax engine, engineered to conquer any terrain with ease. With its advanced Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) system, shifting gears becomes seamless, allowing you to focus solely on navigating through the toughest trails. Whether you're climbing steep inclines or blasting through mud pits, the MAVERICK R XRS delivers uncompromising performance every time.

SMART-SHOX Suspension System:
Equipped with Can-Am's revolutionary SMART-SHOX technology, this vehicle sets the standard for off-road suspension systems. Adaptive to the ever-changing terrain, SMART-SHOX continuously adjusts damping rates in real-time, providing optimal comfort, control, and stability. From rocky terrain to sandy dunes, you'll experience a smooth and controlled ride like never before.

Precision Handling and Control:
Featuring Can-Am's renowned XRS chassis, the MAVERICK R offers unmatched agility and maneuverability. With precision-engineered steering and responsive handling, you'll feel confident tackling tight corners and navigating through obstacles with ease. Whether you're a seasoned off-road enthusiast or a novice adventurer, the MAVERICK R XRS empowers you to push your limits and explore new horizons.

Tech-Forward Design:
Step into the future of off-road driving with the MAVERICK R XRS's cutting-edge technology features. The intuitive digital display provides instant access to vital vehicle information, keeping you informed and in control at all times. With integrated connectivity options, you can easily sync your smartphone or GPS device for seamless navigation and entertainment on the go.

Comfort and Convenience:
Designed with the rider in mind, the MAVERICK R XRS offers unparalleled comfort and convenience features. From plush seating and ample legroom to convenient storage compartments, every detail is meticulously crafted to enhance your riding experience. Whether you're embarking on a day-long adventure or a weekend getaway, the MAVERICK R ensures that you arrive in comfort and style.

Experience the 2024 Can-Am MAVERICK R XRS Today:
Elevate your off-road adventures to new heights with the 2024 Can-Am MAVERICK R XRS with SMART-SHOX 999T DCT. Visit your nearest dealership today to test drive this groundbreaking machine and discover the thrill of ultimate performance, precision, and innovation. Dominate the trails like never before with Can-Am's most advanced off-road vehicle yet.


Engine Type 240 hp, Rotax 999T engine, 999cc Turbocharged Triple-cylinder engine, liquid cooled with integrated intercooler and high-perfomance air filter
Displacement 999
Fuel System Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC™) with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

Front Suspension Forged Aluminum heavy duty Tall Knuckle Double A-arm with sway bar / 25 in. (63.5 cm) suspension travel
Front Brakes 32 mm hydraulic tripple piston caliper with a 265 mm disc
Front Tire ITP Tenacity XNR 32 x 10 x 16 in.
Rear Suspension 4 Link Trailing arm with Forged Aluminum heavy duty tall knuckle / 25.5 in. (64.8 cm) suspension travel
Rear Brakes 30 mm hydraulic twin piston caliper with a 255 mm disc
Rear Tire ITP Tenacity XNR 32 x 10 x 16 in.

Dry Weight 2,240 lb. (1,016 kg)
Wheelbase 108 in. (274.3 cm)
Ground Clearance 17 in. (43.2 cm)
Fuel Capacity 13.2 gal. (50 L)
Rack Capacity 200 lb. (90 kg)

Transmission Rotax DCT, 7 gears with High & Low range
Drive System Lockable front differential with exclusive Smart-LokTrue 2WD/4WD with front diff. lock / 4WD TRAIL ACTIV/ 4WD TRAIL

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