Are you ready to elevate your off-road experience to unprecedented levels of performance, comfort, and style? Look no further than the 2023 Can-Am DEFENDER MAX XMR HD10 with Half Doors. Designed for thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, this rugged yet refined utility vehicle redefines what it means to conquer challenging terrain with confidence and ease.

Unrivaled Power and Performance:
At the heart of the DEFENDER MAX XMR HD10 beats a high-performance Rotax V-Twin engine, delivering class-leading power and torque to tackle any obstacle in your path. Whether traversing rocky trails, forging through mud pits, or climbing steep inclines, this powerhouse ensures you're always one step ahead of the terrain.

Optimized Off-Road Capability:
Equipped with industry-leading suspension technology and Can-Am's renowned Smart-Lok Differential System, the DEFENDER MAX XMR HD10 offers unrivaled traction and stability across diverse off-road landscapes. Conquer the most challenging environments with confidence, knowing that your vehicle is engineered to excel in the toughest conditions.

Uncompromising Comfort and Convenience:
Step into the spacious cabin of the DEFENDER MAX XMR HD10 and experience a world of comfort and convenience. With ample seating for up to six passengers, premium ergonomics, and intuitive controls, every journey becomes an opportunity to relax and enjoy the ride. Plus, with the addition of half doors, you'll stay protected from debris and the elements without sacrificing the thrill of open-air exploration.

Built to Endure:
Crafted with durability in mind, the DEFENDER MAX XMR HD10 boasts a rugged yet refined design that can withstand the rigors of off-road adventures. From its high-strength steel chassis to its protective skid plates and reinforced body panels, this vehicle is built to endure the toughest challenges, ensuring years of reliable performance and peace of mind.

Versatile Utility:
With its adaptable cargo bed and versatile accessory options, the DEFENDER MAX XMR HD10 is more than just a recreational vehicle—it's a tool for getting the job done. Whether you're hauling gear to remote campsites, towing heavy loads, or tackling tough chores around the property, this versatile utility vehicle is up to the task, making every job easier and more efficient.

Cutting-Edge Technology:
Stay connected, informed, and in control with the latest technology features integrated into the DEFENDER MAX XMR HD10. From its advanced digital display and multifunction steering wheel controls to its compatibility with smartphone apps and accessories, this vehicle puts the power of innovation at your fingertips, enhancing your off-road experience in ways you never thought possible.

Experience the Ultimate Off-Road Adventure:
Don't settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary. Elevate your off-road adventures to new heights with the 2023 Can-Am DEFENDER MAX XMR HD10 with Half Doors. Combining unmatched power, performance, comfort, and style, this exceptional utility vehicle is your ticket to exploring the great outdoors like never before. Visit your nearest Can-Am dealer today and experience the thrill for yourself!


Engine Type 82 hp / 69 lb-ft, Rotax® 976 cc, V-twin, liquid cooled with strategically positioned engine air intake
Displacement 976cc
Fuel System Intelligent Throttle Control (iTC™) with Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI)

Front Suspension Arched double A-arm with sway bar / 12 in. (25.4 cm) travel
Front Brakes Dual 220 mm disc brakes with hydraulic twin-piston calipers
Front Tire XPS Swamp Force 30 x 9 / 11 x 14 in.
Rear Suspension Arched TTA with external sway bar / 12 in. (25.4 cm) travel
Rear Brakes Dual 220 mm disc brakes with hydraulic twin-piston calipers
Rear Tire XPS Swamp Force 30 x 9 / 11 x 14 in.

Dry Weight 2,174 lb. (986 kg)
Wheelbase 115.5 in. (294 cm)
Ground Clearance 15 in. (38.1 cm)
Fuel Capacity 10.6 gal. (40 L)
Box Capacity 1,000 lb. (454 kg) / California only: 600 lb. (272.2 kg)
Towing Capacity 2,500 lb. (1134 kg)

Transmission PRO-TORQ CVT Transmission with Quick Response System (QRS), Electronic Drive Belt Protection, lower gearing ratio and high airflow ventilation with strategically positioned CVT air intake and exhaust, Extra-L / H / N / R / P
Drive System Selectable Turf Mode / 2WD / 4WD TRAIL / 4WD MUD with exclusive Smart-Lok * technology. *Smart-Lok was developed in conjunction with TEAM Industries, a market leader in the drive train industry

Colors Liquid Titanium / Magma Red

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