2023 Switch 19 Feet - Sea-Doo


Experience the Sea-Doo lifestyle like never before with our latest innovation, redefining fun, adaptability, and modernity while delivering unparalleled value. The epitome of adventure on the water.

Unmatched Driving Experience:
Navigate the waves with ease using our intuitive Sea-Doo handlebar controls, offering a fun, stress-free, and simple handling experience. Docking becomes a breeze, ensuring you spend more time enjoying the water and less time worrying about maneuvering your craft.

Revolutionary Modular Deck:
Transform your onboard layout in seconds with our innovative Switch Modular Deck. Its secure and easy-to-use quick-attach tiles provide unmatched adaptability, allowing you to customize your space to suit any activity or mood.

Dynamic Tri-Hull Design:
Embrace nimble and precise handling, along with exciting performance and enhanced stability, thanks to our Tri-Hull design. Whether you're cruising or making sharp turns, feel confident in your craft's capabilities.

Included Premium Trailer:
Enjoy added convenience with our Switch Painted Trailer, featuring a high-quality finish and powder-coated design. For those seeking extra durability, opt for the galvanized trailer finish, ensuring your transportation needs are met with style and reliability.

Powerful ROTAX® Engine:
Experience outsized fun-factor and maneuverability with our proven ROTAX® 1630 ACETM jet propulsion system. Revel in the reliability and power of our engine, offering a level of performance never before seen on a pontoon boat.

Exclusive iBR® System:
Be in control like never before with our exclusive iBR® - Intelligent Brake & Reverse system. Stop your boat sooner, gain more control, and maneuver effortlessly at low speeds and in reverse, enhancing your overall on-water experience.

Ample Deck Space:
Maximize your useable deck space with our design, free from an outboard motor, ensuring you have plenty of room for all your gear, activities, and relaxation needs.

Convenient Features:
From dedicated anchor storage to cruise control, we've thought of everything to elevate your experience on the water. Enjoy the convenience of maintaining your preferred speed and easily stowing away your anchor for quick access.

With a maximum person capacity of 10 (US) or 9 (CA) and ample storage capacity, our watercraft is ready to accommodate all your adventures on the water.

Engineered for Excellence:
Crafted with Polytec™ material, our hull is robust and scratch-resistant, ensuring durability and longevity for years of enjoyment on the water.

Top-of-the-Line Technology:
Stay informed and in control with our 4.5-inch digital display, offering essential functions like speedometer, clock, and fuel consumption metrics. Plus, enjoy the convenience of sport mode, ECO® mode, and cruise control for a tailored experience.

Premium Features Included:
From integrated anchor storage to LED navigation lights, our watercraft comes fully equipped with all the features you need for a premium on-water experience.

Unleash Your Adventure:
The possibilities are endless. Whether you're cruising, fishing, or simply relaxing, our watercraft promises to deliver unforgettable moments on the water, every time.

Elevate your Sea-Doo experience today and discover the new way to live life on the water.

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